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Welcome to Cranford, Inc.

Cranford, Inc. is a fourth generation fertilizer company founded in 1933.  In 1995 Cranford, Inc. saw a need to offer 100% organic fertilizers; specifically compost, to the agricultural industry.  With the introduction of “Ready to Eat” pre-packaged salads, the agricultural industry understood that a clean, organic fertilizer was essential to maintain a clean and safe product for their consumers.

Cranford, Inc. began making and researching the techniques and ingredient to allow for rapid decomposition and a finished high quality product.  After many trial and errors, Cranford, Inc. developed Cranford Compost, a high microbial active compost.

Cranford’s Granulated Compost

Cranford Granulated CompostA granular form of our highest quality compost, approximately 3 millimeters in diameter, designed to dissolve with water to incorporate itself into the soil and promote a diversified microbial environment. After application of Cranford’s Granulated Compost, water will dissolve the granulars and the compost will go to work breaking down existing organic matter, fertilizers, and colonizing itself into the root zone of the soil. Cranford’s Granulated Compost was designed to provide an alternative resource to help re-colonize a soil that does not have the opportunity to be worked up and compost applied on a regular basis.
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